At the heart of's operations lies a profound respect for the environment that fuels our journey towards sustainability. Nestled within Southern California's stunning landscapes, our mission extends beyond offering exquisite home furnishings. It encompasses a deep-seated commitment to eco-friendly practices and a dedication to minimizing our ecological footprint. Today, we are proud to share the expanded scope of our sustainability initiatives, illustrating our relentless pursuit of creating a healthier planet for all.

A Tree for Every Major Purchase

In partnership with environmental organizations, we've pledged to plant a tree for every order of a mainline case good, furniture piece, or upholstered item. This initiative is more than a gesture; it's a vital contribution to reforestation efforts, biodiversity enhancement, and the fight against climate change, making each purchase a step towards greener earth.

Investing in Carbon Offsets

Understanding the broader impact of our business, we actively invest in carbon offset projects to counterbalance our operational emissions. These projects, which range from renewable energy developments to forest conservation programs, are carefully selected for their positive environmental impacts, ensuring that our operations contribute to a net-positive ecological effect.

Harnessing Solar Energy

Wherever possible, we utilize solar energy to power our operations, from our warehouses to our full-service furniture manufacturing firm based right here in Southern California. This commitment to renewable energy reduces our reliance on fossil fuels, significantly lowering our carbon footprint and paving the way for a cleaner, more sustainable future.

Embracing Electric Vehicles and Low-Impact Transportation

Our delivery fleet is transitioning to electric vehicles (EVs) and compact cargo vans designed for low impact. This approach not only decreases our emissions but also reflects our dedication to innovating and adopting transportation solutions that are kinder to the planet.

Sourcing Locally and Responsibly

We prioritize sourcing materials and products from local Southern California manufacturers, supporting the local economy while reducing transportation emissions. Our own manufacturing operations embody this philosophy, committed to eco-friendly practices from material selection to production processes. By choosing local and small, we ensure that our products come with a reduced environmental footprint, promoting sustainability within our community.

Making Eco-Smart Choices

Our commitment to sustainability is evident in every facet of our business, from the products we offer to the way we operate. We advocate for reduced use, encouraging our customers to make eco-smart choices that align with a sustainable lifestyle. Our focus on durable, high-quality items ensures longevity, reducing the need for frequent replacements and minimizing waste.


At, we believe that luxury and environmental responsibility can coexist harmoniously. Our enhanced sustainable practices reflect our dedication to protecting the planet while providing our customers with beautiful, high-quality home furnishings. By planting trees, investing in carbon offsets, utilizing solar energy, adopting eco-friendly transportation, sourcing locally, and making eco-smart choices, we are steadfast in our mission to contribute to a greener tomorrow. Join us on this journey, and let's create a sustainable legacy together.

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