In the dynamic landscape of modern business, stands as a beacon of progress, not just in the realm of home furnishing but in cultivating a workplace where Equity, Diversity, and Inclusion (EDI) are not just concepts, but the very pillars of our corporate culture. Nestled within the vibrant communities of Southern California, our team reflects the rich tapestry of cultures, genders, ethnicities, and self-identities that make this region so unique. Our commitment to fostering an environment that is welcoming, accepting, and engaging for everyone is unwavering. We understand that to truly thrive, our approach to EDI must be as dynamic and inclusive as the world around us.

Our EDI Commitment

Our journey towards an equitable, diverse, and inclusive workplace is both a mission and a reflection of our values. It's a path we walk with intention and dedication, knowing that the strength of our team lies in its diversity. Here are the key components of our EDI strategy:

  • Cultivating an Inclusive Culture: Every member of the team is empowered to contribute to our culture of inclusion. From our newest hires to our executive leadership, we are all custodians of an environment where every voice is heard and valued.

  • Diversifying Representation: We are actively working to increase the representation of BIPOC, LGBTQ+, and other underrepresented groups at all levels within our company. Our aim is to reflect the diversity of the communities we serve, ensuring that our team is as varied and vibrant as our customer base.

  • Equitable Opportunities and Growth: Fairness and equity underpin our hiring practices, promotions, and compensation strategies. We strive to be a haven for talent from traditionally underrepresented or marginalized communities, offering opportunities for growth and advancement to all.

  • Ongoing EDI Education: To ensure our commitment to EDI is deeply embedded in our operations, we invest in ongoing education and development for our team. This includes EDI-focused reviews, leadership training, and resources to guide decision-making and foster a culture of learning and understanding.

Our Actions and Aspirations

The journey of EDI is ongoing, requiring constant vigilance, learning, and adaptation. At, we are committed to:

  • Continuously Improving: We challenge ourselves daily to enhance our inclusivity, seeking new ways to ensure every team member feels respected, seen, and heard.

  • Using Our Voice for Change: We leverage our resources, platform, and the dedication of our team to advocate for more inclusive communities, both within and beyond the corporate world.

  • Ensuring Well-Being and Equity: Our benefits and policies are designed with the well-being of our team as the utmost priority, ensuring equitable access to opportunities and a work environment free from bias and inequality.

Join Us on This Journey

We invite you to learn more about our culture, our plans for the future, and how we are actively working towards making a place where diversity flourishes and every team member can achieve their full potential. Our commitment to EDI is integral to our identity and success as a company. It's a journey we are proud to share with our community, our customers, and our team.

Together, we are not just designing homes; we're building a more equitable, diverse, and inclusive world—one step at a time.

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