In the sun-drenched expanse of Southern California, from the rolling hills of the San Gabriel Valley to the sprawling beaches of the South Bay, outdoor living is not just a part of life—it's a lifestyle. As we embrace the endless sunshine and the seamless blend of indoor and outdoor living, the demand for outdoor furniture that combines style, comfort, and durability has never been higher. At, we're dedicated to transforming your outdoor spaces into your personal oasis, whether you're perched atop the picturesque foothills of Pasadena or nestled within the vibrant communities of the Inland Empire.

The Essence of Southern California Outdoor Living:

Outdoor living in Southern California is an art form, reflecting the region's diverse culture and geography. From the tranquil seaside retreats in Coastal Areas to the secluded mountain hideaways in Big Bear, each outdoor space tells a story of relaxation, entertainment, and connection with nature.

Curating Your Outdoor Sanctuary:

  • Style Meets Function: Our selection of outdoor furniture is designed to cater to the chic aesthetic of West LA and the rustic charm of the Mission District alike, ensuring that your outdoor space is not only functional but also a reflection of your personal style.
  • Durability for the SoCal Climate: With the unique Southern California climate in mind, from the salty air of Orange County's coastal areas to the arid heat of the Coachella Valley, our furniture is crafted to withstand the elements, ensuring lasting beauty and comfort.
  • Versatile Designs for Every Space: Whether you're looking to create a serene reading nook in the Pasadena foothills or an expansive entertaining area in the sprawling landscapes of the San Joaquin Hills, we offer solutions that adapt to your space and lifestyle.

Transforming Spaces Across Southern California:

Our commitment to enhancing your outdoor living experience extends across the region, reaching every corner of Southern California:

  • City Center to Suburban Bliss: From the bustling streets of Downtown LA to the serene suburbs of South Orange County, our outdoor furniture brings comfort and luxury to every setting.
  • Beachfront to Mountain Retreat: Embrace the coastal elegance of Malibu or the rugged beauty of the mountain cities with pieces that celebrate the unique backdrop of your home.
  • The Valley to the Desert: In the diverse climates of the San Fernando Valley and the desert cities, our collection ensures that your outdoor space is equipped for year-round enjoyment.'s Signature Services:

  • Expert Design Consultations: Our free expert design consultations, available across Southern California, from the Spectrum of Irvine to the historic streets of Alta Dena, help you envision and execute the perfect outdoor setting.
  • Sustainable Delivery: Leveraging our eco-friendly delivery network, we bring the luxury of Southern California outdoor living to your doorstep, from the coastal areas to the inland valleys, with minimal environmental impact.
  • Flexible Financing for Your Outdoor Dreams: With our variety of financing options, creating your dream outdoor space is accessible and stress-free, no matter if you're in Beverly Hills or the leisure worlds of Laguna Woods.
  • Extended Enjoyment with Extended Warranties: Our extended warranty options offer peace of mind, ensuring that your investment in outdoor comfort is protected against the unexpected.

Discover the Perfect Outdoor Furniture with

Your outdoor space is a canvas waiting to be transformed into a haven of relaxation and entertainment. With, discover furniture that elevates your outdoor living, from sleek loungers perfect for sunbathing in the beach cities to elegant dining sets for alfresco meals in the foothills. Our extensive selection, tailored services, and commitment to quality ensure that your outdoor space becomes a cherished extension of your home.

Embark on the journey to redefine your outdoor living experience with From the vibrant communities of North County to the tranquil retreats of South Bay and every space in between, let us help you create an outdoor sanctuary that mirrors the beauty and diversity of Southern California.


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