In the vibrant heart of Southern California, where the architecture is as diverse as its people and landscapes, the right area rug can serve as the soul of any room. This comprehensive guide by is designed to navigate you through the vast world of area rugs, ensuring that whether you're outfitting a cozy beachside cottage in Orange County or a sleek high-rise in Downtown LA, you'll find the perfect rug to complement your space and lifestyle.

Understanding Area Rug Basics:

Area rugs are more than just decorative accents; they're foundational pieces that define spaces, add warmth, and express personal style. With over 34,000 variations available on, from hand-tied treasures from Persia and Turkey to modern, on-trend designs, the perfect rug for your Southern California home is just a selection away.

Choosing the Right Size:

The size of your area rug can dramatically influence the look and feel of a room. Here are some key guidelines to help you choose the right size:

  • Living Rooms: A common rule is that the rug should be large enough to slide under the front legs of sofas and chairs in a seating arrangement, creating a connected and cohesive look.
  • Bedrooms: Placing a rug under the bed? Make sure it extends at least 24 inches around the bed, offering a warm landing for your feet in the morning.
  • Dining Rooms: Ensure the rug is large enough for chairs to be pulled out and still remain on the rug, typically extending 36 inches beyond the table.
  • Hallways and Stairs: Runner rugs can add warmth and style to these transitional spaces, just be sure to leave a few inches of bare floor on either side.

Material Matters:

The material of your rug not only affects its look and feel but also its functionality and longevity:

  • Wool: Durable and soft, wool rugs are perfect for high-traffic areas and living spaces where comfort is key.
  • Silk: Offering a luxurious sheen, silk rugs are ideal for low-traffic areas or as wall hangings.
  • Synthetics: Modern synthetic rugs offer versatility and ease of cleaning, making them suitable for outdoor spaces, dining areas, and kids' rooms.

Color and Pattern Considerations:

Colors and patterns not only influence the style of your rug but also its perceived size and the room's overall ambiance. Lighter rugs can make a room feel more spacious, while darker rugs add coziness. Patterns can hide stains and wear in high-traffic areas but remember, the appearance of colors and patterns can vary significantly based on lighting and viewing angle, especially when shopping online.

Rug Pads: A Must-Have:

Don't overlook the importance of a good rug pad. They extend the life of your rug, prevent slipping, and provide extra cushioning. This is especially crucial for hardwood floors in regions like the San Fernando Valley or the beach cities, where slipping could be a concern.

Stacking Rugs:

For a unique look or to add extra plushness, consider stacking rugs. This can add depth and texture to any room, from a cozy den in the Pasadena foothills to a bright, airy kitchen in the Coachella Valley.

Rugs in Every Room:

  • Outdoor: Durable, weather-resistant rugs can transform patios and decks into outdoor living rooms, perfect for sunny SoCal days.
  • Kids' Rooms: Opt for soft, durable, and easy-to-clean rugs that can withstand spills and playtime.
  • Kitchens and Dining Rooms: Choose low-pile or flat-weave rugs in these areas for easy chair movement and cleaning.
  • Entryways: Welcome guests with a rug that can stand up to traffic and make a statement.

Customizing for Your Home:

Every Southern California home is unique, and your rug should be too. Consider custom options or speak to one of our expert design consultants to find a rug that perfectly matches your needs, style, and budget.


An area rug is not just an addition to a room; it's a statement of style, a comfort underfoot, and a layer of warmth. With the right selection, an area rug can transform any space into a more inviting, stylish, and comfortable area. Whether you're nestled in the lush landscapes of the San Joaquin Hills, enjoying the coastal breeze of Malibu, or embracing the urban elegance of Century City, has the perfect rug for your Southern California home. Dive into our collection today and discover how the right rug can complete your home's story.

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