"Compare At" & "Regular Price" Mentions

The platforms we utilize for merchant processing, e-cart, and broader distribution of our products might not consistently support the use of "compare at" or "You might find this item for" reference prices. For instance, platforms like Shopify, Facebook marketplace, Chairish, 1st Dibs, eBay, Amazon and others, might not always allow for the integration of a comparison price. There are instances where the system might designate a "compare at" or any reference price we've discovered as the "regular price" for an item. However, this doesn't always happen, it can depend on a shoppers browser, internet settings and even the template we’re using for the site. If there's any uncertainty about the price messaging or if you have questions regarding the value of a product, we strongly encourage you to reach out to us before finalizing your purchase. Whenever possible, we'll elaborate or provide clarity on our price findings within the general product description. We are always open to your questions and inquiries. Our main goal is to ensure our customers always enjoy their experience with us.

The "compare at" price is an approximation made by our team, indicating what we believe could be the regular retail price of the same or similar items in upscale catalogs or retail venues like specialty or department stores. Given that we source products from a multitude of global vendors, it's worth noting that the same item might not always be available from other retailers at the stated "compare at" price, and the availability can vary by region and time.

Phrases like "Compare at", "Discovered for", or "Regularly priced at" are, at times, used as reference points. They do not necessarily confirm that we previously sold the item at that higher price. Contrary to assumptions, these reference prices may not always represent a previous selling price. Additionally, the final sales price could reflect any price adjustments or reductions that were made along the way. Hence, sale prices may not always depict a discount from previous advertised or sold prices.

Due to our unique business model, which often deals in lower volume, select finds, unique items and one of a kind treasures, the indicated higher prices may not always be realized. Given the unique nature of many of our offerings, certain items might never have been sold by us before, or may not be sold again, at any specified price.

When we present a reference price, it's possible that we've found similar items online or from other sources priced up to that mark.

We advise all our shoppers to undertake their own price comparisons. We are dedicated to delivering noteworthy value, comparable to even the most prominent corporate online and giant large-scale retailers.

We urge you to do further price comparisons to truly understand the remarkable value we bring. Our commitment remains to provide outstanding value to our customers consistently.

This principle is at the very core of our operations.



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