Our owners got their start in the mattress business in the hotel business back in the early 2000s when the resort was the first in the country to fully embrace the memory foam bed experience.

At the time it was a revolutionary leap to upfit every guest room with a 12 inch memory foam sleep system. The beds were such a wild success, that nearly every guest, every night, reported having slept one of the best nights of their lives.
In fact, the beds were such a tremendous success that they begin selling them at the hotel to guests who wanted to replicate the incredible nights sleep they got in their hotel room -- at their own home. 
This was back before the mattress revolution and it was quite a gamble to take.
Few people had heard of memory foam (technical name viscoelastic foam) and even fewer still had slept on one.  It was virtually unheard of to change an entire hotel to this new mattress technology but the gamble paid off. 
After getting feedback from tens of thousands of guests, it was nearly unanimous that they absolutely loved the memory foam sleep system. The ownership decided to acquire the company in 2005 and rebrand it.
And that’s when the Hibernation Sleep brand was born.  
Since then, we continue to perfect our sourcing, manufacturing, customer service and eco friendly practices to bring our amazing sleep comfort to everyone, not just the guests of the resort. 
We believe in our beds so much that every employee sleeps on one and often buy them for friends and family. 
Doctors and many other health professionals recommend our mattress to their patients and we know from personal experience that once you sleep on a Hibernation mattress you’ll be hooked for life.  
What’s the most common question we hear about six months after purchase?
“What’s the name of that resort?”
People love our mattress so much they’re ruined to sleep on anything else and we’ve created a database of hotels that feature our mattresses for guests to sleep just as well while traveling as they do at home.  Contact us anytime for help in determining a suitable hotel at your travel destination.  

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