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Color: Purple
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Elevate your interior design with this gorgeous Table Lamp, which features a tall neck and onion-shaped base in a chic purple tint. The contemporary design of this lamp is sure to add a touch of sophistication to any space. The translucent glass body adds an ethereal touch, creating a warm and inviting ambiance. Standing at 30 inches tall, this lamp is packaged in one piece per carton and is a must-have accessory for any stylish home. Its onion bulb design adds a unique flair, making it a statement piece that complements any decor. Add a touch of luxury to your living space with this upscale table lamp and create a cozy atmosphere that's both inviting and stylish. Order yours today!


  • Table Lamp 16"L X 16"W X 30"H

    BOX INCLUDES: Carefully packed glass lamp, linen wrapped shade and finial, harp and hard wired 110 volt plug.


Immerse yourself in the radiant charm of our Onion-Inspired Glass Table Lamp, a luminous symphony of elegance and contemporary design. Its striking form, reminiscent of a graceful purple onion, encapsulates a bold aesthetic statement with the ability to transform any room into an upscale sanctuary of style and serenity.

Standing tall and dignified at 30 inches, this stunning lamp boasts an elongated neck and an onion-shaped base in a sophisticated purple hue. Crafted meticulously from high-quality glass, its delicate translucent body emits a warm, inviting glow that dances gracefully upon the walls, creating an ambiance of tranquil opulence.

Imbued with a touch of the avant-garde, the lamp's unique onion-inspired design doubles as a conversation starter. This makes it not just a source of light, but a testament to your refined taste and your commitment to home decor that bridges the gap between functionality and artistry.

The addition of this luxuriously enchanting lamp to your home promises more than illumination—it brings a unique blend of warmth, sophistication, and a dash of whimsy. Its captivating aura invites guests into the heart of your living space, luring them into a realm of tranquility, and sparks an appreciative curiosity about your decor choices.

Designed to complement any interior style, this table lamp is a versatile accessory that seamlessly fuses with a diverse range of aesthetics, from minimalist modern to vintage nostalgia. Packaged with care, each carton houses one masterpiece, ready to enhance the ambiance of your living area, bedroom, or office.

In the world of interior design, it's often the finer details that draw us in and create a lasting impression. Harness the transformative power of our Onion-Inspired Glass Table Lamp and set the stage for a captivating journey through your carefully curated space.

Don't miss the chance to adorn your home with this stunning piece of functional art. Brighten up your space, stir up conversation, and establish your sense of style with a lamp that's as much a showstopper as it is a light source. Order yours today and elevate your decor to new heights of elegance.

Explore the magic of our #PurpleOnionLamp, and let it become a beacon of style and sophistication in your home.

We've found this same lamp online through other retailers, but we have these actually IN STOCK in our Orange County warehouse.

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Style: Transitional
Brand: ORE
Color: Purple
Special Feature: 3-Way Switch (if 3 way bulb used)
Light Source Type: LED, CFL, or Incandescent (LED recommended)

A tall neck and onion-shaped base with a sexy purple tint creates an upscale table lamp.

Contemporary Purple Glass Translucent Body Onion Bulb Design

Height: 30"1PC/CTN

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