Kailey Nesting Table

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Color: Silver
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Experience the next generation of cubism with our Nesting Tables Set, which brings a new level of dimensionality to your living space. While traditional cubism focused on portraying three-dimensional objects on two-dimensional surfaces, we have gone beyond that by creating a set of nesting tables that allows you to interact with your environment in ways that were previously unimaginable.

Our Nesting Tables Set is not just a flat exhibition of three-dimensional experience, but rather a representation of spatial dimensions that can be tucked away into compact areas. This innovative set is a testament to our drive towards realism and our desire to explore the boundaries of space and form.

Picasso may have paved the way for cubism, but we have reimagined it for our era by adding multiple dimensions to the once-settled three-dimensional space. With our Nesting Tables Set, you can enjoy a unique and interactive experience that is sure to enrich your living space and elevate your décor to the next level.

Join us in the pursuit of innovation and discover the limitless possibilities of cubism with our Nesting Tables Set today!


Overall Product Dimensions 13"L X 15.5"W X 15.5"H
Large Table Dimensions 13"L X 15.5"W X 15.5"H
Medium Table Dimensions 13"L X 15"W X 13.5"H
Small Table Dimensions 13"L X 13.5"W X 12"H
Thickness .030"W

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