In the diverse and dynamic landscape of Southern California, from the surf-kissed shores of Huntington Beach to the historic streets of Pasadena and the vibrant communities of the Inland Empire, savvy shoppers seek not just quality and style in their home furnishings but also the assurance of getting the best possible deal. introduces a game-changing service for our customers: the Price Match Guarantee option, a testament to our commitment to value, transparency, and customer satisfaction.

Understanding the Price Match Guarantee

Our Price Match Guarantee is designed to offer you peace of mind and confidence in every purchase. For a nominal service fee of just 2% of your purchase price (with a minimum charge of $5), you can opt into this program, securing the opportunity to match the price of an identical item you find for less at a competing brick-and-mortar retailer within 90 days of your purchase.

Eligibility and Conditions

  • Exact Match Requirement: The guarantee covers exact matches only, including color, style, manufacturer, model, SKU, brand, quantity, arrangement, and condition. This ensures the comparison is fair and straightforward.
  • In-Person Store Purchases: To qualify, the lower price must be found at a physical, in-person store, ensuring the comparison excludes online competitors, where pricing often fluctuates rapidly and can include hidden fees.
  • Extended Sale Adjustment: Beyond competitor price matching, if the exact item you purchased from us goes on sale on our own website within 12 months of your purchase, you're eligible to request an e-credit for the difference, further solidifying our commitment to ensuring you receive the best value.

Why Choose Our Price Match Guarantee?

  • Confidence in Every Purchase: Shop with the knowledge that you're receiving the best market price for high-quality home furnishings, whether you're decorating a beachfront condo in Newport Beach or a chic loft in Culver City.
  • Extended Peace of Mind: With a 90-day window for matching competitor prices and a 12-month period for sale adjustments on our site, you have ample time to ensure your investment is protected.
  • Convenience and Savings: The process is straightforward and customer-focused, designed to provide savings and satisfaction without the hassle of continuous market monitoring.

Shop with Assurance Across Southern California

Whether you're in the lush landscapes of South Orange County, the bustling hubs of LAX and Irvine Spectrum, or the serene settings of San Juan Capistrano and the Pasadena Foothills, our Price Match Guarantee ensures that is your trusted partner in furnishing your home. From Westminster to the Great Park, Long Beach to Hancock Park, and everywhere in between, we serve the diverse communities of Southern California with a commitment to excellence, value, and customer satisfaction.

Seamless Process, Unmatched Service

Opting into our Price Match Guarantee is simple and integrated into your shopping experience. Our dedicated customer service team, knowledgeable about the nuances of Southern California's home furnishing needs, is here to assist with any claims, ensuring a smooth and transparent process.


With’s Price Match Guarantee, embark on your home furnishing journey with confidence, knowing you’re supported by a service that puts your satisfaction and value first. This innovative option exemplifies our dedication to offering not just exceptional products but also an exceptional shopping experience. In the ever-evolving and vibrant market of Southern California, from Brea to South Bay and beyond, let us be your guide and partner in creating the home of your dreams, assured that you’re receiving the best deal available.

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